Southland SCV43 43cc 2-cycle Direct Gear Cultivator

Southland SCV43 43cc 2-cycle Direct Gear Cultivator

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Product Description

Features for the Southland SCV43 - Cultivator


  • Manual Recoil Start:Starts up easily and reliably.
  • 43cc 2-Cycle Engine:Provides the power needed to complete cultivation and tilling tasks around your property.
  • Tilling Width and Depth:Features a 6 to 10 inch possible tilling width and 5 inch tilling depth for easy weeding and aeration.

Technical Specs for the Southland SCV43 - Cultivator*

Displacement(cc) 43cc
Engine 2-cycle
Starting System Manual recoil easy start

Tine Diameter 8''
Tilling Width 6-10 inches
Tilling Depth Up to 5''

Handle 3 piece folding handle, front carrying handle

Residential Warranty 2 year limited

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