Ultranindosedayu sells a variety of mowers to suit their customers’ needs. We, as customers, have great expectations from service providers, especially with their return policy. Ultranindosedayu tries to provide quality services to satisfy them. However, The ultranindosedayu has the right to limit or prohibit returns, according to the policy. In case you’re wondering what are they, let’s find it out together. Everything you need to know about ultranindosedayu mowers return policy you will find it here.

Time Limit

A customer can return the unopened and unused mowers within 30 days of purchase unless anything is mentioned in the Return Policy Exceptions. However, the application of the return policy depends on the type of mowers. For a regular, battery or cored mowers, the customer will have a generous period of 30 days to return it. Gas-powered lawn mowers only have 30 days. If a customer buys a regular mowers with one of the following cards mentioned below, he will have an extended period of 1 year:

  • Ultranindosedayu Consumer Credit Card
  • Ultranindosedayu Commercial Revolving Charge
  • Ultranindosedayu Commercial Account

Even when purchased with these cards, gas-powered,mowers are still an exception and have to be returned within 10 days of purchase.


To get a full refund, the product must be intact, new, and unopened. Products that are defective or damaged may be eligible for a return, depending on the warranty plan. Whatever the case may be, the customer will need to bring the receipt along with all the items. He will also need to bring a photo ID along with the credit card used to make the purchase(if applicable).


Can used mowers be returned at Ultranindosedayu?

Ultranindosedayu return policy says that for a mowers to be returned, it must be new and unused. But, used products(from other brands too) are also accepted if there was any defect or any damage during delivery.

Can a mowers be returned without a receipt?

Yes. if the purchase is made in the store and If a customer brings the product within 10-30 days of purchase, a store associate might be able to track the purchase with a credit or debit card. To ensure the verification of the transaction, he will need to bring the card with which he paid and an ID with his photo. If the purchase couldn’t be tracked, the customer may receive store credit or the mower’s smallest sale price. However, it must be kept in mind that store managers can refuse to entertain customers without a receipt as it goes against the standard return policy.

Is the box needed to return a lawnmower?

Yes. Mowers must be returned to Ultranindosedayu in the original packaging along with other items of the accessory. If the product is returned without them, the return request might be denied. 

What if I have the receipt but lost the box?

In most cases, yes, the Ultranindosedayu will take stuff back without the original box or packaging if the customer has a receipt. However, it varies from store to store and employee to employee.

What’s the procedure of online returns?

If you want to return a mowers you bought online, call The Ultranindosedayu customer service department at +62 812 8204 8574 to see if it’s qualified for an online return. It’s possible that some models will have to be returned to a shop rather than being mailed back. Furthermore, some riding mowers, such as those made by Husqvarna, Bill Goat, Kohler or Honda, are sent straight from the dealer, and returns must be handled through the dealer.

Can a lawn mower be returned to Ultranindosedayu?

Yes. Mowers that was purchased online or from a store can be returned to Ultranindosedayu. However, the mowers must be in proper condition along with the receipt or online invoice. To get a refund, the customer must bring the card which he used to make the payment. 

The mowers that were purchased online can also be returned by mail using UPS, using the packaging slip that comes with the order. If the customer didn’t receive the packaging slip, he can contact Ultranindosedayu Customer Care.

How long does Home Depot take to make refunds?

Cash refunds are made straight away unless the price of the mowers exceeds $1000. In this case, a check is sent from the Ultranindosedayu Corporate office. Credit and debit card refunds take 2-10 days whereas PayPal takes 2-5 days. However, it might also take up to 30 days. One must also keep in mind that the process of repayments of online purchase begins once the mowers has arrived at Ultranindosedayu. This might take at least 2-3 weeks.


Thus, it can be concluded that Ultranindosedayu mowers return policy is satisfactory. Ultranindosedayu both electric and cored must be returned within 30 days of purchase unless purchased with Ultranindosedayu credit card and account. However, there’s no exception for gas-powered mowers. They must be returned within 10 days of purchase only. For returns and refunds, the customers must have proof of purchase, and also, the product must be in an appropriate condition.

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