Honda FG110AT 9 inch 4-Cycle Standard Rotating Front Tine Mini Tiller

Honda FG110AT 9 inch 4-Cycle Standard Rotating Front Tine Mini Tiller

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Features for the Honda FG110AT


The Honda FG110AT front tine mini tiller is powered by a 4-stroke Honda GX25 engine that runs on straight unleaded gasoline. No need to mix with oil. This mini tiller is light, at 29 pounds, and easy to maneuver, adjusting from 9 inches wide to 6 inches for tilling in tight spots. The engine guard not only protects the engine but makes an easy carrying handle and tie down location.

  • Honda Hybrid Tines:Honda's specially designed hybrid tines are built for cultivation and digging. Half are for digging and the other half for cultivating, making the FG110AT able to give you the best of both worlds. Gentle enough to respect nearby plants but powerful enough to dig through hard packed dirt.
  • Till in Tight Spaces:The FG110AT tills at 9 inches wide but can be adjusted to till at 6 inches wide by removing the outer tines. Get between plants reducing hand tilling, and know that the FG110AT won't destroy everything around it thanks to the hybrid tines.
  • Honda GX25 4-Stroke Engine:The Honda GX25 is an easy starting 4-stroke engine that takes regular unleaded gasoline. No need for oil. And a Honda 4-stroke engine is more fuel efficient, produces less emissions, and runs quieter than a 2 stroke engine.
  • Convenient Transport:Moving the FG110AT is easy due to its light weight (29 lbs), engine guard that doubles as a sturdy carrying handle and tie down point, and easy to remove transport wheels that let you roll over pavement and rough ground.
  • Ergonomically Designed Controls:The controls on this mini tiller are situated with operator comfort in mind, reducing fatigue and vibration transfer.
  • Residential / Commercial Warranties:2 year residential warranty with limited lifetime warranty on tine breakage, and 12 month commercial / rental warranty.

Technical Specs for the Honda FG110AT*

Engine Brand Honda GX25
Displacement(cc) 25cc
Rotational Speed 294 rpm
Fuel Capacity 0.15 gal

Transmission Type Worm Gear
Transmission Steps Forward 1

Tiller Type Front Tine
Tilling Width 9 inches
Tine Diameter 8 inches

Weight (lbs.) 24.9 lbs

Drag Bar Yes

Residential Warranty 24 months, Limited Lifetime on Tine Breakage
Commercial Warranty 12 months

Engine 4-Cycle

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