Dolmar PS-5105 18 inch 50cc Pro Chainsaw

Dolmar PS-5105 18 inch 50cc Pro Chainsaw

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Product Description

Features for the Dolmar PS-5105A-18 - Chainsaw

 The PS-5105 is a reliable mid-range chainsaw that balances low weight and ergonomics with high power. This is a comfortable-to-use, professional quality chainsaw that has high torque, high RPM, and great acceleration, making it an ideal tool for felling and stripping mid-sized trees or de-branching. It is lightweight (11.9 lbs.) for the power it provides and uses a design that is efficient in a variety of situations that professionals will surely encounter. The 3.9 HP, 50cc engine offers an incredible amount of power without sacrificing speed or efficiency. As per the standard with Dolmar, this model features a metal spike bar that will help grip and hold in place whatever is being cut.

A touch and stop one level control, among many other comfort and efficiency features including good cooling and easy handling, will help make your chainsaw operation easy and hassle-free. Dolmar chainsaws are characterized by easy use and professional features.

  • Professional Power:The PS-5105 has a great deal of power built in to an easy-to-use mid-range design that offers top notch durability and helpful features.
  • MPI Technology:MPI (Memory Power Ignition) technology allows easier restarting.
  • Optimal Chip Flow:Chips and debris flow optimally through, increasing the overall life and effectiveness of the equipment.
  • Comfort and Durability:An ergonomic design and easy handling helps to make the operation of the chainsaw much more comfortable.
  • Catalytic Converter:A catalytic converter helps clean exhaust gases.
  • Automatic Oil Pump:An adjustable automatic oil pump will save you time and energy while using the PS-5105. It is disabled at engine idling.
  • Air Filter Maintenance:Easily change and maintain your air filters with tool-less maintenance.
  • Bar Studs:Two bar studs allow for reliable bar fastening.

Technical Specs for the Dolmar PS-5105A-18 - Chainsaw

Displacement(cc) 50 cc
Power 3.9 HP
Engine Brand DOLMAR
Rotational Speed 13,800 RPM
Fuel Capacity 15.9 oz.
Oil Capacity 9.1 oz.

Cutting Equipment
Bar Length 18"

Weight (lbs.) 11.9 lbs.

Residential Warranty 2 years

Cutting Equipment
Chain Gauge 0.050"
Chain Pitch 3/8"

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