Billy Goat AET60 36

Billy Goat AET60 36"/48"/60" Tow Behind Aerator (Foldable Wings)

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Product Description

Features for the Billy Goat AET60 - Aerator

Commercial results with complete adjustability are offered with the Billy Goat AET60 Tow Behind Aerator that can be adjusted from 36 inches, 48 inches, and 60 inches by raising and lowering the foldable/adjustable wings to accommodate to your specific needs. Cover up to 4 acres per hour with the 80 hardened steel tines that swivel on a tine wheel when using the 3 point hitch. Maximum productivity can be achieved by mounting this aerator to your tractor, mower, or any tow vehicle for excellent aeration results.

  • 80 Hardened Steel Tines:Excellent extraction of plugs are provided by the 80 steel tine. Tine wheels swivel when using the 3-point hitch for extra maneuverability. Create a pattern of 6 inches X 7 inches to cover an area of up to 4 acres per hour.
  • Foldable/Adjustable Wings:Choose your desired aeration width from 36 inches, 48 inches, or 60 inches by raising or lowering the foldable wings.
  • Hitch Mounting:Mount this aerator to a category 1, 3-point hitch mounting to allow the tines to swivel for better aeration. Tow this aerator at speeds of
  • Manual Lift:Tines are raised and lowered with ease using the manual lift.

Technical Specs for the Billy Goat AET60 - Aerator 

Working Width 60 inches but can be converted to 36 or 48 inches
Working Depth 4 inches

Receiver Hitch Category 1, 3 point or standard tow bar

Length (in.) Extendable tongue 76 inches to 88 inches
Width (in.) 37-60 inches
Height (in.) 35 inches
Weight (lbs.) 440 lbs.

Drive System
Tire Size 13 inch pneumatic

Engine 1 year

Drive System
Productivity 4 acres per hour

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